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Manifestations and Overcoming Blocks


I'm delighted to bring you this much requested new live course that focuses on ways to awaken your fullest ability to envision your desires, realize them at lightning speed, and embrace your role as the architect of your dreams and your life.

On the day, you’ll join me for a lesson guiding you through some of my signature manifestation exercises, mindset tools, and Soul Work that transform you step-by-step into a master of conscious creation.

Take advantage of the first live group course for a discounted price.

Some of the aspects that we'll cover are listed below.

Segment 1: Introduction to Manifestation

  • Overview:

    • What is manifestation?

    • Historical and cultural background

    • The science and psychology behind manifestation

  • Key Concepts:

    • Law of Attraction

    • Positive thinking

    • Visualization

  • Activities:

    • Self-assessment of current beliefs

    • Setting initial goals for the course

Segment 2: Understanding Your Desires


  • Overview:

    • Identifying true desires vs. superficial wants

    • The importance of clarity in goals

  • Key Concepts:

    • Intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivation

    • The role of emotions in desire

  • Activities:

    • Desire mapping exercises

    • Journaling for clarity

Segment 3: Techniques of Manifestation

  • Overview:

    • Different methods to practice manifestation

  • Key Concepts:

    • Affirmations

    • Vision boards

    • Scripting

  • Activities:

    • Create a vision board

    • Write daily affirmations

Segment 4: Identifying and Understanding Blocks

  • Overview:

    • What are blocks and why do they occur?

    • Types of blocks: mental, emotional, and energetic

  • Key Concepts:

    • Limiting beliefs

    • Fear and self-doubt

    • Subconscious programming

  • Activities:

    • Self-reflection exercises to identify personal blocks

    • Case studies

Segment 5: Techniques for Overcoming Blocks

  • Overview:

    • Strategies to clear blocks and shift mindset

  • Key Concepts:

    • Mindfulness and meditation

    • Cognitive restructuring

    • Emotional freedom techniques (EFT)

  • Activities:

    • Guided meditation sessions

    • Practice EFT tapping

Segment 6: Building a Manifestation Practice

  • Overview:

    • Integrating manifestation techniques into daily life

    • Creating a consistent routine

  • Key Concepts:

    • Habit formation

    • Time management for manifestation practices

  • Activities:

    • Develop a personalized daily practice plan

    • Accountability partner exercises

Segment 7: Advanced Manifestation Techniques

  • Overview:

    • Diving deeper into advanced practices

  • Key Concepts:

    • Quantum jumping

    • Energy alignment

    • Manifestation through service and giving

  • Activities:

    • Explore and experiment with advanced techniques

    • Reflective journaling on experiences

Segment 8: Sustaining and Expanding Your Manifestation Journey

  • Overview:

    • Maintaining progress and adapting to new goals

    • Expanding your manifestation practice

  • Key Concepts:

    • Lifelong learning and growth

    • Community and support systems

  • Activities:

    • Plan for future goals and manifestations

    • Join or create a manifestation support group

Course Features


  • Downloadable worksheets

  • Recommended reading list

  • Guided meditation audio files


  • Online discussion forums

  • Live Q&A sessions

  • Peer feedback and support


  • Quizzes after each segment

  • Final project: Personal manifestation plan


  • Certificate of completion for participants who complete all segments and assessments

This course structure offers a comprehensive approach to learning about manifestations and overcoming blocks, providing both theoretical knowledge and practical exercises to facilitate personal growth and success.

This course will take place on the 21st September 2024 in Southampton, Hampshire.


The exact location of the venue will be disclosed a month before the event.

Take advantage of discounted price for the first group.

£45 pp

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