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I'm Leilah - Healer, SPEAKER, THERAPIST, Mental Health Coach

I am a holistic therapist who has worked with international clients and entrepreneurs, helping them enrich their lives and expand their businesses and personal relationships with themselves.

I have travelled and taught in Sydney Australia and worked with people all across the world. My extensive experience has given me a wealth of knowledge and sharpened my highly intuitive abilities. My native qualities along with the experience that I gathered in my career has had a meaningful impact on numerous people that were stuck in seemingly final situations.

What makes me different ?

Unlike classic therapists, I take a holistic approach to healing which means that I consider the whole person - including their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being - when working with clients. My unique skillset includes a strong empathic connection and intuitive qualities that allow me to tune into my clients' energy and provide them with high frequency information that can help to shed light on their past and guide them towards a clear, luminous future. I believe that this approach helps to create deeper, more meaningful healing and growth for my clients, and sets me apart from other therapists.

Who Am I ?

I am a holistic and clinical therapist. I work with helping people but tapping into the root of their trauma and healing the very core beliefs that keeps people stuck in their lives and unhealthy relationships with others.

What am I here to do ?

My job is to help people who are stuck in their lives, and in their business. I help people who lack clarity in their purpose come into alignment with themselves. I am here to help detangle their human experience created from trauma and shed light on their future path. 

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